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An Inductively Coupled PLASMA

When a matter in the gaseous state is supplied with sufficient heat it turns into a plasma, which consists of a mixture of atoms, ions and electrons.

This plasma, however, is a special class of plasma a so called THERMAL PLASMA created and sustained by a high frequency (RF) magnetic field. This RF field is generated by an induction coil surrounding the plasma vessel and induces an electrical current in the plasma.

Squall International uses an open configuration and the plasma is flowing in a low velocity and is operated at atmospheric pressure.

The generation of heat plays an important role in the production processes within Squall International. With RF heating the heating rate is higher than that obtained with any other heating method, and offers very great advantages in heating extremely high insulating materials like quartz glass.

In an Inductively Coupled Plasma duration and location of heating can be chosen and controlled accurately. This enables us to rework quartzglass computer controlled. The computer controlled production processes within Squall International, lead to increased production and improvement of quality, while a reduction of production costs often also results.

We also introduced a quartz glass PLASMA TORCH to insure that this technology can offer you the following advantages:

  • High reproduceablity
  • Short process times
  • No OH- addition And last but lot least…
  • Absolutely no contaminations