The combination of our quarts glass reworking technology and our flexible and state of the art production plant allows us to offer our expertise to a wide range of customers around the world. Our customer base mainly operates in the following industries.

Optical fibre

Within this industry purity of the fibre has an immense impact on the quality. Squall international BV is able to provide a very clean and stable production process in combination with state of the art technology which allows the production/forming of glass without introducing contaminations.

Water purification

Within the water purification industry high quality UV-c applications use Quartz Glass due to it’s excellent UV-transmission properties. Squall International BV has proven (automated) methods of cutting and forming tubular quarts products to customer specifications at a high reproducible level.

Other market

Squall International BV is also supplying Quarts Glass to a variety of different markets. These markets include, amongst others, the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry.